Howling at the Moon by Darshana Suresh

“Your heart? Damned / Dammed.”

The Body, Hanging on a Nail

If you are familiar with the tumblr poets community it would be more surprising if you weren’t familiar with Suresh’s shattering, legendary lines “Tell me, Atlas. What is heavier: the world or its people’s hearts?

This is one of my favorite poetry collections that I own. I’ve read it cover to cover, over and over. Suresh’s writing is delicate and tender and her words are achingly relatable. These are poems to be read anywhere and everywhere – outside in the springtime, in the shade of a big tree, late into the night with a cup of tea, first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee.

This is all the things that I wish I could say when I couldn’t find the words to say them.

Perhaps most importantly though, this book makes such a significant contribution to the LGBT community. It is such an amazing and inspiring example of putting voices from this community out loud and in the world. It is such a work of art.

I think it can be difficult to give poetry collections an overall rating as each poem is so unique and varying and there are always the select few that you identify with above all others. But in summary, I would absolutely recommend buying this book if you are at all interested in poetry. You can buy it as an e-book or paperback.

“My wrists, unscarred. My wrists,

sprouting violets. My wrists, dripping

lavender, or maybe a loud cacophony

of wisteria.” – Wishes & Fruit Stains


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