Shekh ma Shieraki Anni

I call my best friend Michael, my sun and stars. I call him this because he has given me an entirely new universe. I mean literally by introducing me to the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but also through his friendship. College was such a big leap. It’s so strange it’s practically funny. There were days where we saw each other almost every day of the week, that’s just how high school is. But all the sudden we were tossed out into the world on our own two feet. College is more  of a reality. Reality is not living right next to your closest friends and all going to the same place at the same time every day. It can be if you’re lucky, but the truth is we walk separate paths. And that is such a terribly good thing. It is what makes you Michael and makes me KelleyAnn.

I think of us as stars connected in a constellation – though we are so far from each other, we are connected. It’s so funny to think that I was so accustomed to seeing you every day that I couldn’t imagine not seeing you that often. But the truth of it, the reality of it, is that as we become adults we form friendships that span the globe – sure the distance between us is not quite that drastic, but isn’t it strange for our friendship to go from just over 3 miles to just under 3,000 miles apart?

Some of us grew up with long distance friends. It was a normality, not entirely uncommon. Having friends that you see only once a year or once every few years is completely normal. But that just wasn’t who we were. That’s why it’s so funny that even though our friendship is different from what it once was, it’s still normal. The 1st anniversary of your move hit me like a train. I can’t believe we haven’t been in the same room together for over a year.

It’s so damned funny. How my brain has tricked me and pulled these complete 180s on me. The truth is, in the bigger picture of our lives, we’ve been apart more than we’ve been together. It’s so damned funny. I’ve gone from living a life in which we had never met to a time where I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t known you all along to not being able to imagine a future without you in it everyday, to now. Funny, ineffable: present-tense.

Now is reality. How did we go from living in that universe you gave me to living in reality? Growing up is such a funny thing to do. It is filled with so many mixed emotions, but I am so thankful for the fact that aside from growing up separately right now, we are never growing apart.



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