For those of you who don’t know, twenty one pilots is one of my favorite bands ever. So when I bought tickets from a friend to see them live in San Diego I knew immediately I had to put together a Tyler Joseph inspired outfit. One of my favorite TyJø looks is the floral kimono/round white glasses look he wears for concerts and in the Lane Boy music video.

The biggest thing was just buying a floral, rose-printed cardigan – the rest a black or grey tank with black shorts or leggings I could pull from things I already had in my closet, and I had a good pair of round-ish white sunglasses. The first kimono I bought way back in October didn’t look very similar but it was Forever 21 (Tyler’s kimono is rumored to be from there) and I figured it was good enough. But right around March or April, one day I was thrift shopping at Buffalo Exchange with my best friend and about to leave the store empty handed when I saw a longer, sheer floral kimono. It is almost (if not actually) exactly like Tyler’s and I am embarrassingly proud of it.

So on and off ever since October I’ve been wearing my TyJø outfit for the heck of it to classes or out with friends, subtly hoping some crazy cool stranger in the skeleton clique will call me out on it. And I saw my concert last Sunday, so I’ll be writing a post on that soon.

Basic Tank Top | Forever 21

Leggings | Charlotte Russe

Boots | Q Fashion

Kimono 1 | Poshmark (Forever 21)

Kimono 2 | Thrift Store (Forever 21)

Joyce Romper | Brandy Melville

Sunglasses | Forever 21

Alien Choker | Tilly’s 

TyJø outfit 2 (worn ever since and to the concert)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. And then there is a book called “vessel” behind you! Love it:))


  2. Melannie says:

    Is there any chance you are selling the kimono?


    1. ologique says:

      No I’m definitely not anytime soon! I’m afraid I’m extremely attached to it and wear it all the time >.<


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