Anyway the Wind Blows


Here we are not strangers to sadness. Paradise is not without its cracks in the pavement. And every few years sometimes we slip through them. Barn cats going missing, old dogs not making it the year for the next trip, horses that wither away, refusing to eat in old age. Raising animals also implies being with them until they pass away. This year I showed up to your doorstep a changed person. Wyoming, Wyoming. All I wanted was to rest my head a bit here. How funny it is to go from a rainy summer last year to smoke billowing behind us in the next. There’s a wildfire that’s been chasing your heels. It’s been burning for over a week now.  All the daylight makes it hard. But the skies are becoming more blue, the helicopters less frequent overhead. And when the night falls, I can still see the stars. No matter how we change, the land and me, the stars are still the same.

In Loving Memory of Chief ❤

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