Emøtiønal Røadshøw Ø7.24.16


At long last, I made it. Since buying the tickets to see twenty one pilots in San Diego (shoutout to Kimba for the thousandth time for selling me her extra tickets), I could barely believe I had gotten this opportunity. This is a huge check off my concert bucket list (twenty one pilots, Arctic Monkeys, and Vampire Weekend make up my top three favorite bands of all time). I could barely even believe I was there until HeavyDirtySoul came on and my friend Mae and I were screaming along with the entirely filled arena.

It was so fun to dress up for this concert (I got complimented on my kimono!!) and see almost everyone dressed up too. Twenty one pilots fans (AKA skeleton clique) are so enthusiastic and such a fun group of people. Whether people are fans from all the way back in the self titled/Regional at Best/Vessel days or Blurryface newcomers everyone is so incredibly excited to be there.

Concerts are so special to me. I try to (on account of money) only go to artists that really mean something to me (so far: Florence and the Machine, Marina and the Diamonds, and Parov Stelar). The Emotional Roadshow concert jumped straight to my favorite. We had pretty good seats – we were way up at the top but almost directly facing the stage so we had this incredible view of the entire stage set up and the people in the pit.

It’s such a magic feeling to recognize the opening notes of every song and know every lyrics. And twenty one pilots is such a FUN concert to watch and hear. For those of you who don’t know there are only two of them in the band – Josh Dun (drums, trumpet) and Tyler Joseph (vocals, ukelele, guitar, piano) and they seem to NEVER run out of energy.

TØP is known for all of their crazy stunts while performing and this tour kept some of the iconic favorites and added some breathtaking, heart-stopping, jaw-dropping new twists. Some old ones include: Josh playing the drums on a “island” completely held up by the crowd in the pit for “Ride”, Josh doing a backflip off Tyler’s piano during “Holding On to You,”Tyler climbing all sorts of crazy heights for the end of “Car Radio,” and the crowd-supported tandem drumming for the “Trees” finale. A new one that just blew me away was when Tyler got into this clear red inflatable bubble and then ran around in it over the crowd

I’ve always loved their music so much. I, like so many other people, find the lyrics to be incredibly poetic and at times so painfully relatable (one of my favorite songs definitely had me in tears) – but Tyler’s voice live is so raw and emotional, hearing him scream hurts my heart in the best way possible. And Josh is such an incredible performer on the drums. There is an incredible amount of energy on stage for just two people.

I don’t know what stood out to me the most – the Josh Intro for “Polarize” with that darkly poetic message changing from “Don’t go…” to “Don’t go back on stage” and the drumming intro, or the slow piano and crowd-sing along outros for “Holding on to You” and “Stressed Out,” or the Trees speech/finale?

The close of the concert just left me breathless. Tyler always says at the very end of each show, “We are twenty one pilots and so are you.” And that really gets me, every time. Stay street, stay alive. We are the few, the proud, and the emotional. |-/



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