My close friend from home and high school and fellow UC San Diego Triton, Farrah’s birthday was on July 23rd. So the day before her birthday our friend Chase and I planned a surprise LA day trip for the 3 of us. We went to the Broad, saw the Infinity Mirrored Room, ate lunch at Grand Central Market, visited the Last Bookstore, and explored DTLA all leading up to the grand finale/big surprise: riding the Skyslide.

For those of you who don’t live near LA or haven’t heard, the OUE Skyspace Observatory opened on June 25th, 2016, debuting not only an interactive multi-story exhibit with a 54-story light tunnel, panoramic projection of the LA skyline, wall murals, and two outdoor observation decks but a 45 ft. see-through, all-glass slide off the side of the US Bank Building (currently the tallest building in the west) on the 70th floor.

We went about our whole day meandering, fooling around, and enjoying our day like any other until we came to the big reveal. Farrah knew we had tickets to do something that night and her guesses ranged from a horror movie to a live cabaret show. AKA, she didn’t even come close. Lost in the void of snapchat there is a very sweet video that Chase filmed of her reaction when I told her there was a glass slide on the tallest skyscraper in LA. And that we were going on it.

We tried to time our ride down the slide for right sunset/twilight and ended up with some pretty beautiful photos. The admission cost to Skyspace comes in at a total of $33 ($7 alone just to go down the Skyslide) which is nothing to blink at for what it is when you really think about it. But still, daring and terrifying though the idea may seem (especially as someone who is scared of heights), I considered it money well spent and a unique experience that I’m glad I got.

Happy Birthday, Farrah. May 19 challenge you in ways like this, that leave you with unforgettable memories.

(A/N: woof, this post is late. It’s been sitting in my drafts forEVER)


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