Out of this World

Last Tuesday I stopped by Buffalo Exchange with my best friend Maddy to take a look around. For those of you who don’t know Buffalo Exchange is basically a bougie, selective, higher-end thrift store chain. They’re super picky about what the buy from people and their average prices range from $10-30 depending on what you’re buying and what brand it is. While you aren’t scoring some great deals under $5 like you might get at Salvation Army or Savers, I’ve still managed to score so pretty amazing deals/ find some cool pieces at a more secondhand price, including a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Claw Litas (retail at $175, purchased at Buffalo Exchange for $40), a (pretty much?!) exact match to Tyler Joseph’s F21 kimono,  and this new green jacket.

This pretty army green jacket is originally from F21 and my estimate is that they’d price it at about $20-$30 in stores. I paid $15 for it at Buffalo. This jacket came with some cool embroidery and patches including the words “Troop Div. 2150” sewn over the right breast pocket and a “Brooklyn” patch on the left shoulder. While I’m not exactly super sewing savvy, I love to make thrift pieces a little more unique by adding some customization. I’ve embroidered a “Born to Kill” under the collar of a shirt, Alex Turner’s name in a heart on a button up, and painted a recreation of his “One for the Road” jacket (posts to come on this later!).

For this jacket, I added a trio of button pins (one of my favorite things to do!), which is a cute and changeable way to add a little more ‘you’ into your clothing. I wanted to keep the jacket “theme” sort sort of inspired by space/the x-files so I used a twenty one pilots “Blurryface” pin (‘cuz of  “used to play pretend / give each other different names / we would build a rocket ship / and then we’d fly far away/ used to dream of outer space” ya know?), a pin that says “I’m Sorry I’m Late I didn’t Want to Come,” and one that has an alien and says “This Planet Sucks.” Then (because I can’t let go of my twenty one pilots obsession or my love for embroidering musician’s names in hearts) I embroidered “Josh Dun” (drummer for twenty one pilots) above the opposite pocket.

Overall, I’m really happy with how the jacket turned out. I already loved it when I found it at the thrift store and adding the personal touch made it so much more special for me. Besides that, the color has always been pretty popular so I’m really glad to have added a staple jacket like this to my wardrobe. It’s super versatile and I’ve already worn it with a couple different outfits. In these photos I paired it with my alien charm choker and this super comfortable but fashionable pineapple print dress.

Jacket – Thrift Store (Forever 21)

Alien Choker – Tilly’s

Pineapple Dress – Forever 21


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