Summertide, Summertime

I’m a little obsessed with taking dashboard photos

I might just be a hopeless romantic at heart but a little bit of spontaneity goes a long way in giving my memories a nostalgic wash. I find something beautiful in the idea of snapshots of my life, of true candidness, and that often the things I cherish the most are the things that I did not plan. Chase is the kind of friend I didn’t plan on making in college. And everything about our friendship has had that carefree, played by ear, making it up as we go along undertone.

The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park

I didn’t meet a lot of new people my freshman year that I would consider my new close friends. Chase is the exception to that. Farrah, as a mutual friend, introduced us and the 3 of us have hung out constantly throughout spring quarter right into this last summer. The beautiful photo of Giant Dipper rollercoaster I use as the home page for this blog was taken the first night we all hung out as a little trio of friends. After driving for a bit (trying to get ice cream sandwiches) we ended up in Mission Beach by mistake and out of the blue made Chase stop the car so we could ride the rollercoaster.

Yesterday Chase came to pick me up and neither of us had any planned ideas for the day. So first we drove out to get “boba” (neither of us actually eat the boba, so we only get the tea) at Roasting Water, which I have been dying to try for just about forever. And as we sat outside drinking our tea wondering what we should do next, after a lot of pleading I convinced Chase to drive to Long Beach and go to the Aquarium of the Pacific with me. It was insanely crowded and parking was a nightmare, as neither of us realized it was Labor Day weekend until an hour into milling about but I had a fantastic time. I’m so burnt out on the summer and sitting around doing nothing; I can’t wait for school to start. But this day was a little reminder that summer free time is actually precious, and two weeks left until the start of school is really not all that long.

Me and Chase at the Aquarium of the Pacific

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