As promised previously, I thought it would be fun to write a short post on various articles of clothing that I’ve added an extra personal touch to. I learned how to do very basic embroidery (though I’m not very good) so I could add little things to my jackets and flannels and have also painted some clothes too. These were a lot of fun to do either because they were added onto cool thrift store finds or took old clothes from the way back of my closet that I hadn’t touched in months and turned them into fun new favorite pieces. Check them out down below:

Embroidery: I fell in love with the ‘musician’s name + heart’ embroidery thing after I saw a friend with a denim jacket that said ‘Lou Reed.’ Aside from that the only other embroidery I’ve done were the twenty one pilots key logos on an old black v-neck I had.

Pins: both jackets were found at thrift stores, all my button pins are from Hot Topic and my enamel pin was from a small store called the Fold Gallery above the Last Bookstore in DTLA

Painting: For all painting I use Folkart multi-surface paint from Michaels.

I’ve grown really fond of this one for the road jacket (inspired by the one Alex Turner has/is used in the music video). It makes for some really sick photos and I’ve grown into a habit of wearing it whenever I’m going to a museum or somewhere nice.


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