Rain Room

Random International. Water. 

Rain Room installations are beautifully immersive contemporary art pieces. The rain room features an environment of continuously falling water that allows its viewer to walk through the rain without getting wet by pausing wherever a human body is detected. The space of ‘rain’ is illuminated by a light from a single corner allowing for beautiful silhouette photographs that have become incredibly popular on social media. The beauty of this exhibit is it’s completely immersive and interactive. There is so much technology in the creation of an exhibit like this, and to pull it with the contrast that it’s primary medium (water) is something so basically elemental and ubiquitous in the natural world. It creates the wonderful white noise of rain and is defined by the space of it’s viewers. It is an interaction of human and natural element and machine all at once; an orchestration of sensations both those engaged and those suspended for a moment in time.

I can’t been it’s almost been a year since I got to see this  installation. I had to book tickets 2 months in advance to see it at LACMA where it is still on view today. The crazy thing is that this installation was supposed to close its viewing last April but tickets sold out so fast they kept adding more and more.



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