So Long to a Sophomore Slump

So sophomore year has gone beyond a kickoff as I find myself already at the halfway point (Week 5?! What happened?!). I figured now would be a good, clean starting point for this year in terms of giving all of you a life update and some insight as to why for the past 5 weeks I’ve been a little MIA. Yes, I know I’ve been slacking with my updates. So here’s the breakdown of some of the crazy things I’ve gotten myself into for my second year of uni:

I Got a Car:

It’s a red Mazda 3 (Grand Touring!!!!!) and it’s my dream car and I love it and yes I realize this isn’t technically an accomplishment of any sort but I’m proud of it anyways because my car is beautiful. Technically, my parents got the car and used my savings to help pay for it and now I’m saving up to help make car payments which leads me to….

I Got a Job:

Ok, so this isn’t an entirely positive of experience, but real life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows right? Work is work. I won’t point fingers at my employer (after all I still work there) , but I will say that the position has really opened my eyes to what it actually means to have a real job. This is the first retail job that I’ve worked and the first job that I’ve gotten for myself (I used to work for my aunt). So in that sense, I’m very proud of my accomplishment in that. I didn’t have to take this job in terms of money (I’m very lucky  in being given an allowance) but I wanted to experience what other people my age go through and learn about the responsibilities of earning the money I spend on myself. It’s been a hard adjustment because HR was so slow with my paperwork that a hiring process that they said would take one to two weeks took them four, and furthermore landing all my training and first shift dead in the middle of midterm season.  Also, I have to admit my admiration for anyone who has ever worked retail. Retail can be brutal and abusively inflexible this time of the year with scheduling your hours and it is a lot of physical, nonstop work. Despite the stress of having to balance these hours with a full time study at my university, my coworkers are a fun, bright, lively group and I’m trying my very best to keep my head above the water and get the job done.

I Joined a Boxing Gym:

By far, this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve struggled with weight loss for as long as I could remember and am a serious yo-yo dieter (it’s a problem). But joining boxing is the first time that I’ve made a fitness decision that doesn’t even register as a fitness decision in my mind. I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing it because I’m having fun and it’s something I can do with my close friend, Farrah. Boxing and kickboxing has filled a long-empty niche in my life left behind when I stopped doing Tae Kwon Do after my first year of high school. It’s hard work, serious exercise that is fun to do and just plain badass. A tip: punching the crap out of a bag is one of the best stress relievers I have ever discovered ever.

I Joined Greek Life:

Why? Because I wanted to put myself out there and get to know more people and push myself to be more involved on my campus. A year ago, halfway into the fall quarter of my freshman year I wouldn’t believe you if you told me I was going to go Greek. A year can literally change so much. Just a year ago, I had only one close friend from home that I spent everyday and every night with and was almost actively against going Greek. But as the quarter passed and so did a yawning 3 week break, I had some time to think. That friend has since come and gone out of my life due to agreed differences and put plainly the fact that we adjusted to college life – in every aspect: academics, parties, off-campus ventures, our other long distance friendships – at very different paces. As a result I found myself counting on one hand the number of people I had gotten close to that year at a school of over 30,000 students. My Winter and Spring quarters turned up so much for the better, but alas, that’s another story altogether for a different time. But that brings us back to why I chose to go Greek. I wanted a ‘fresh’ start. And truly, if you find yourself in a situation where you find it hard to start conversations with strangers or meet new people, it’s never too late to join the Greek community. The formal recruitment process is by no means an easy out to getting new friends but again that’s story for another post. Even in the short half a quarter that I have been blessed to pledge Delta Delta Delta, I have been afforded amazing opportunities to meet and get coffee with my new sisters and participate in philanthropy. One of the things they tell you about sorority communities is that you get what you put in, and though it’s been difficult to juggle my various responsibilities, I hope and try to give my chapter my full 100 percent.

I Started a New Tradition with My Roommates:

I love my old roommates but during freshman year we definitely only shared a place to sleep and a living room. Whereas this year, I’ve been able to sit down with all my roommates several times and talk at our dining table. One of my roommates has cooked pancakes and tofu soup for the whole apartment a couple times. I love that every day I’m coming home to a home where I can sit down and talk about my day or ask my roommates about theirs. Just this year, the fancy sit-down on campus restaurant (famed because they accept dining dollars) started offering Sunday brunch. So it has officially become the Apartment 1305’s tradition to eat there together (though sometimes it’s only 3/4) on Sundays.

I’m Working On a Super Secret Project:

Something I’ve been working on since June is almost wrapped up and ready to go and I literally cannot believe that it’s happening. Okay, it’s not that secret if you know me in real life or follow me on snap, but until the formal announcement that’s all I’m saying for now 😉 Don’t worry, I expect to let you guys know very very soon.


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