Happy 128th founders day to all my Delta Delta Delta loves!!!

Beta Theta Pledge Class ❤ I love you all!

I can’t believe that my initiation into TriDelt is next week! This quarter is passing by so incredibly quickly and already I’ve been given so many fond memories of my sorority. I wrote before one why I decided to go Greek but this is more of a why I love being a Tri Delta. Even in the 2 months of pledging I’ve found sisters that share all sorts of my interests and support me in so many different and diverse ways. One of the things that I love most about my chapter is that no girl is the same. I think that’s one of the biggest Greek Life stereotypes and while I’m sure other chapters are diverse as well, I’m proud of and truly believe in our uniqueness.

My preference night ceremony was the beginning of finding a true home here in Tri Delta. Through happy coincidence and pure luck, I found out the girl who ‘pref’-ed me is also bi. The stereotypes of Greek life and the college hook up culture appears to disregards the presence of the LGBTQ community but upon joining my sorority I’ve been so incredibly happy to see how open we are about those who identify as LGBTQ. It is such a relief to know that several of my sisters have girlfriends and that, sexuality isn’t a big deal in anyway. It doesn’t need to be discussed because it is accepted without hesitation. We are who we are, and even though I don’t think that needs to be said out loud, it is also so, so comforting to know that it doesn’t have to be hidden.

Then, literally, right out of the gate it feels like we were already getting Big/Littles. After the sweetest weekend of hand-crafted gifts and cute clues, I had no idea who my Big was, but I’m so glad I left it to be a surprise. As it turns out, my Big turned out to be Abby which also meant I have a twin, my sister Kaithleen! I’m really glad to be apart of their family and even though Kaithleen joined TriDelt last year and has been Abby’s little for a year already, I feel like this is where I belong. I see the similarities between all of us such as our love for food (lmao). Abby is also addicted to going to Lestat’s (a 24hour cafe) and I’m so excited to have found another person to study off campus with. I’m also so, so glad that Kaithleen is my twin. She was also my gold sister (in the second week of pledging we’re assigned a gold sister to get to know better so that you can meet more actives in the chapter) so we had gotten to talk and get to know each other during that week. We both write blogs (check hers out here! <3), both of our favorite art periods is Rococo, and she never judges me when I ask her to take pictures of me when we’re at somewhere trendy and cute.

I’ve also gotten to know my other sisters through coffee dates and chapter events. I got to hang out with new groups of people in my chapter who welcomed me with open arms whenever my twin or big weren’t there at events like the Founder’s Day Luncheon, the sisterhood day at Disneyland, and Formal/Presents. The girls in my pledge class are also the sweetest and I’m so thankful for each of them who has given me the opportunity to be close with them. I’m still getting to know everyone and am so excited to become even closer to these people as time moves on.

Last but not least, my sisters have entrusted me with an amazing opportunity for self-growth in my new position as Licensing Chair. This position is in charge of designing and ordering shirts and house letters for the chapter and is a lot of independent work. There are procedures and budgets to balance and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before but I am so excited to this opportunity and challenge to learn and grow and to put in my best work. One of the things I wanted most out of Greek life is to be more involved in a campus organization and I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to do that with the honor of an officer position. I can’t wait to see what else Tri Delta has in store for me these next two quarters and years after!


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