A Million Worlds with You by Claudia Gray

I’m screaming over the end of this trilogy, I literally just finished it. This is mostly a review of A Million Worlds with You but I also wanted to give you guys a short review of the Firebird trilogy as a whole. [Note: TL;DRs are spoiler free, in-dept review of AMWT has vaguish spoilers/mentions]


Series Rating: 5/5 stars 

Genre: science fiction, young adult

The ‘TL;DR’:  If you like books about alternate dimensions then this is the YA series for you. Furthermore, the books and the protagonist, Marguerite provide a really beautiful intersection between art and science and the balance of those two themes and character drives is incredibly well done in my opinion.These books weren’t perfect but they were so engaging and kept me so invested I finished them super quickly. The endings are so crazy! They make you want to immediately pick up the next book. I found myself being so completely swallowed up in the reading of them and I think losing yourself in books is a great sign of pure enjoyment, and on that alone I feel like the trilogy as a whole is worth a 5 star rate. But also, on another note aren’t the covers stunning?


A Million Worlds With You 

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

The TL;DR: I have been absolutely hanging off the edge of my seat waiting all of 2016 for this book and it met my expectations pretty well. There were a few complaints that I had but overall it was an extremely neat and well-tied up conclusion to a fun trilogy and as a whole, I absolutely loved it.

“Fate doesn’t guarantee us a happy ending.”

Ok, so as previously mentioned I’ve been dying for this book ever since I finished Ten Thousand Skies Above You last December. I finished this book in about 3 little reading sessions spread out over a few days but it can realistically be read in one or two days.

This book was a little disappointing in the sense that it both felt like the pace lagged and the plotline moved too fast as well as the writing style wasn’t always my favorite. To begin with I felt like the pacing was just slower than the first two books in the trilogy and I wasn’t as immediately caught up as I was with the the first two. The plot however, despite the text feeling slow, seemed to move almost too quickly in the sense that at first we dealt with Marguerite visiting about 3 dimensions per novel and this book doubled that amount.

While I loved reading the book as a whole, I noticed within the series and especially this book, that Claudia Gray’s writing style has a few flaws. While on one hand, Gray writes some beautiful descriptive passages, I felt like some of the dialogue and character thought-writing felt a little cringeworthy – like a TV show with bad acting or just a really juvenile, middle-reader vibe.  I wouldn’t say the whole book was like this, but parts of it definitely stuck out to me (I’m generally just a picky reader though when it comes to tone/writing style).

I was however really fond of the continuation of the whole multiverse travel theme of the series and enjoyed being introduced to new dimensions as well as revisiting some aspects of dimensions from the first two books.

As I also mentioned before I just felt like it was a truly well executed finale in the trilogy. I usually notice what I like to call trilogy syndrome in which the books tend to decrease in quality (i.e. Book 1 gets 5 stars, Book 2 gets 4 stars, Book 3 gets 3 stars), however I felt like this series was for the most part/comparatively very consistent in terms of satisfaction. It was a good and clean ending to the series that used just the right amount of ‘what you’d expect’ and a little bit of cliche with the romance plot, but not too much. I felt like the romance aspect was well explained and developed in terms of conflict and resolution; this was another aspect of the book that seemed rushed but it wasn’t completely unbelievable/improbable. I definitely felt like all the loose-ends of the series were tied up neatly – if a little rushed at the resolution of the climax.

As I’ve reiterated I had a lot of fun reading these and I’d recommend them to any YA readers who like the premise/idea of dimensional travel and a good YA romance. I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy these books as much as I did but I think saying ‘hooked’ is an accurate description of how I felt reading them.


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