Seas the Day

I think one of my favorite things about college is how accountable you are. The only one making you go to your lectures is you. You have complete and total control over your education – no parents to force you to go, no school officials requiring you to sign and provide a valid excuse for your absence. And, on the flip side – when it all gets to be too much, you have the option of just taking a day off.

I will admit I’m guilty of taking advantage of how easy it is to just not go to a lecture a little too often, but sometimes it’s incredibly worth it. I’m trying to narrow down the number of times I miss a class to only when it’s absolutely beneficial to my mental health and that’s how I ended up out downtown in the morning instead of in a 3 hour discussion.

About two years ago, my friend Farrah and I had a falling out which resulted in almost a year of us for the most part unintentionally avoiding each other/not taking care to make time to see each other. After that year and after a tough first quarter of college we both reconnected, finding ourselves vastly different people than we knew each other as before. And all of it has been so much for the better and so entirely worth it.

Facebook recently just showed me one of those, “A Year Ago” memories and it was a photo of me at La Jolla Cove that Farrah had taken when we basically did this exact same thing – ditched our classes to go on an adventure. This was the first real outing we did after almost an entire year apart, and this is when we discovered The Living Room, a cute cafe in Downtown La Jolla.

So this day we went back to that same cafe and ended up taking our coffees down to the cove and talking for a few hours by the ocean. For both of us it feels like the first half of this quarter has just been school, work, school, work, nonstop so after our first round of midterms it was just nice to finally breathe and actually see each other.

Then to wrap up our morning, we went to the Madison Contemporary Art Gallery where they had some pieces by on of my favorite contemporary artists, Rob Montgomery. I was actually quite sad to learn that they had a full exhibit on him last year and I just missed it. I’m glad they had some pieces left though, including my favorite:



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