Ghost Stories 02.13.17

Speaking of places I’ve missed this school year, god do I miss going out to North Park. In my freshman year, when Chase, Farrah, and I didn’t all have jobs we would drive out to our favorite cafes, Young Hickory and Holsem and buckle down for hours on end to get our work done. We would stay at odd ends of the night – sometimes we’d start our night with dinner at Streetcar, which serves fried chicken that is to die for, or end a long night of work at Rudford’s, a classic 24-hour diner that’s been open since 1949, for hot chocolate or midnight breakfast food. North Park is also home to Queen Bee’s, host of Lyrical Exchange (a weekly open mic) and the San Diego Poetry Slam, and the Observatory, a beautiful venue, where I got to see Parov Stelar and this last monday, the west coast tour of Welcome to Night Vale’s latest live show, Ghost Stories.

Welcome to Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor in the style of a community radio newscast for the fictional, sci-fi town of Night Vale. The podcast is voiced by Cecil Baldwin (whose voice is insaaaaaane in person). The content is punchy, quirky, mysterious, a little spooky, and sometimes just downright weird. It’s become a small little obsession of mine, along with it’s millions of listeners from an explosion of popularity among the tumblr community.

The live show was so incredible and it was so fun to be able to go out on a Monday night with Farrah and engage with this crazy, enthusiastic Night Vale community that is so intensely invested in this narrative. The story and podcast itself is so incredibly unique and I feel like it’s so incredible to see art and writing and performance meld into one in following it. So here’s to Night Vale. And here’s to North Park – from perfect start to perfect finish.


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