I’ve written a post before about my Tyler Joseph outfit (which you have probably seen way too much of on this blog), but this whole time I’ve definitely also had Josh Dun outfits. In fact, the “I want to believe” muscle tank/leather leggings Josh look that Farrah wore for Halloween/the concert are mine (lol). I’ve had this muscle tank  which has the lyric “My taste in music is your face” from “Tear in My Heart” on it since the summer and had never worn it so I figured it was time to change that by doing a Josh inspired outfit (because he wears a lot of muscle tanks). So this was what I got, based off a general Josh-Dun-vibe-along-the-lines-of-this:


What a cutie. Um, anyways, back to the point, yeah. Black muscle tank, black shorts, black knee socks (in place of opaque black leggings), and red shoes. Ta-da. Josh Dun. Pretty basic stuff. Pretty easy. I really like this outfit though. The knee socks are a very “emo” middle schooler me touch (thinking Lyn-Z the bassist from MSI every time I rock knee socks), but the whole look overall is very 20-year-old me (oh god I’m turning 20 what is my life) in terms of twenty one pilots being this insane obsession in my life right now. It’s funny because all throughout high school I was this obsessed with Arctic Monkeys (and I still am) but it’s been really cool getting super into a new absolute favorite band. Thankfully, this time around twenty one pilots are doing so well that there’s plenty of merch for me to nerd out about and make outfits for which is something I never really got around to doing with my AM ‘phase’ (I say as if I’m over it).

“Tear in My Heart” Muscle Tank | Hot Topic

Black High Waisted Shorts | American Eagle Outfitters

Knee Socks | Forever 21

Shoes | Converse Low Tops

Halfway through the day I thought I needed a little extra touch and even copied one of Josh’s tattoos (using liquid eyeliner lmao).


(and here have this snapchat version of my outfit bc the mirror pic turned out really nice/cool but hella grainy bc of that awful light/snapchat camera quality. Well…. That Blurry(face) aesthetic though right?)



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