(cover photo is me, Chase, and Farrah @ Harbor House a 24 diner in my hometown after the show)

So, do you remember way back when 7 months ago when I saw twenty one pilots and was freaking out? Well I’m mental and literally only a week after seeing it was was being my normal, PCD-mopey self when I found out that ERS would be returning to CA in 2017. Now a normal person would say, “Ah but I’ve seen this tour already and it was great.” But I, on the other hand immediately screamed (over text) at my best friends in college, Chase and Farrah, “WE HAVE TO SEE IT. GO WITH ME. ALL 3 OF US.” Chase agreed and we didn’t even wait for Farrah to respond before I bought the tickets and told her she was definitely coming with us.

This time around, I knew it would be a long wait again, so we all agreed to not get too excited for something that wouldn’t happen for over 6 months. And then we did the exact opposite in the next month by starting a group text between the 3 of us in which we started doing a twenty one pilots song of the week,  where we’d listen to that song and do closing notes (basically long paragraphs in which I would freak out over the lyrics/instrumentals/anything about the chosen song for that week), every week until we went to the concert.

This concert was so much fun because the song of the week had us hyped for the last few months, and I got to dress up as Tyler (and do the Blurryface makeup this time!!!) and I got to make Farrah dress up and do her makeup as my Josh Dun again. Chase even just dressed hella fancy. And it was so great that we all got to hang out and tell our stupid specific jokes and tease each other because we’ve all been so busy this year and haven’t been able to all hang out at the same time very much.

Since I had seen ERS last summer I didn’t take as many photos/videos but the concert was so much fun. Screaming the opening rap of Migraine (I’ve got the whole thing memorized lol) is so much fun and dancing to my favorite songs with my best friends was one of the greatest memories that I know will always be so special to me. I was definitely surprised as they changed a lot of things between when I saw the tour in the summer and the 2017 one!

First off, they had Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion opening for them. Judah and the Lion did a fun cover of Mr. Brightside and I actually knew one of their songs “Take it All Back” from the radio. Jon Bellion is also a pretty popular artist, and I had heard his (HELLA) popular song “All Time Low” before but also discovered “Guillotine.” Both openers were such good, fun, and energetic performers, they definitely meet the bar that twenty one pilots sets and I would love to attend their own separate concerts.

As for the ERS setlist this time around, they definitely changed somethings, both good and bad. Well, the only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that they replaced the old songs medley with the “Cancer” by MCR cover. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Cancer cover but the old songs medley is so so so important. On the good hand though, they mashed up (and therefore added to the setlist) Message Man/Polarize and Screen/The Judge and those were amazing. They did a lot of the same stunts (Josh was in the hamster ball for Guns for Hands though!) but also added a little ‘drumversation’ where Josh does a drum battle with a recorded version of himself that was really adorable/cool. Tyler also sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which I basically died over because I thought they stopped doing that cover years ago so I wasn’t expecting it at all. So, my heart is soaring. I miss being able to scream these lyrics at the top of my lungs and having an upcoming twenty  one pilots concert to look forward to for the past year but all good things must have their end. So, until next time clique. |-/



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