The Death of a Bachelor 03.26.17

I have been going out of my mind all winter quarter looking forward to this concert (mostly because this winter quarter SUCKED but that’s a different story). I must say I have to start this post off with the bad news so I can get it off my chest. I was really excited for this concert because I actually have been wanting to see MisterWives live and they, along with Saint Motel, were opening for this tour. However, Mandy (the lead singer for MW) lost her voice and had to cancel. I’m pretty upset about it still, but !!! trying to focus on the rest of the concert which was still AMAZING.

Getting ready for this concert was so much fun! I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to do a really intense makeup look so I went full smoky eye and silver glitter liner. For my outfit I bought a Panic! tank and just wore it with shorts and a flannel, a classic Band Trash Look, honestly.

To start with, I had heard of Saint Motel and knew at one point I had briefly heard one or two of their popular songs when they were playing on the radio but I hadn’t actually checked out their music. I was getting lunch with a friend (who is actually transferring to my university next fall!) and he was really surprised and excited when he asked me who would be opening. I was so pleasantly surprised! They were so good live. I ended up loving so much of the songs in their set and enjoyed them nearly as much as Panic!.

The main show was absolutely amazing. The visuals were so intricate and there were so many insane special effects from a burst of gold streamers in “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time,” the opening song, a spark shower for “Golden Days,” pride visuals for “Girls/Girls/Boys,” fire for “Miss Jackson,” “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Crazy=Genius,” to freaking Brendon Urie, playing “This is Gospel” on rotating piano that gradually rose higher into the air while glitter rained down on him.

Brendon Urie is the most extra performer in the entire world and I grudgingly love him so much. In the pause at the end of “Miss Jackson” he does a fucking backflip and just sticks the landing and keeps belting out the ending notes. Also, he had fucking laryngitis but that didn’t actually change anything? He’s an amazing live performer because he’s such an idiotic dancer and he can hit some insane high notes, which he frequently just adds into his performance (but like, Brendon, I don’t think that’s good for your laryngitis yo?).

The entire atmosphere of the concert was so fun. I went with Farrah and my roommate and her sister and we were all shouting the lyrics. Farrah and I were dancing the entire time and it was so cathartic to let loose and have a good time. Being able to shout at the top of your lungs and dance in your own space is probably my favorite things about concerts. The special effects made it seem like we were at a club without all the things you hate about clubs (being hit on, other people trying to dance on you/in your space, etc.)

Me, Lillian (my roommate), and Farrah

The songs that I was most looking forward to (“Golden Days,” “Miss Jackson,” “Nicotine”) didn’t disappoint and hearing some songs live, especially “Vegas Lights,” made them jump from “eh” to the top of my current favorites list. During “Girls/Girls/Boys” we were given (by other fans/people attending the concert) colored paper hearts to shine our flashlights through which was so beautiful and fun to take part in.

Long story short, Beebo is an insanely talented singer (that fucking falsetto though/his range in general?? It’s not holy), Dallon Weekes is gangly and adorable, and Kenny Harris is too great too. While I certainly had a fond love for Panic! to begin with, this concert was so incredible I’d tell anyone to go to one of their concerts even if they only like a few of their songs. It’s always fun when you know every single lyric but this is one of those performances where you certainly don’t need to to have a good time. I can’t wait until they start a new tour, because I would definitely go again.


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