How to Be a Human Being 04.18.17


The month of April was a little insane for me, to put it mildly. A really, really good kind of insane. At the beginning of the month my sorority sister Tiff, who I had never really talked to individually/outside of chapter events, made a post about wanting to see Glass Animals because they’re one of her favorite bands.  In the most impulsive decision ever, I reached out to her and we decided to buy tickets to go see them. Tiff told me that she had never been to a concert before. We ended up buying the tickets literally a week before the concert, the latest I have ever bought tickets for anything ever.

To make this even crazier, I agreed to all of this knowing that this concert was happening a day before I was supposed to see Bastille in LA. So, Tiff and I drove from San Diego to Pomona (about a 2 and half hour drive) the day of and I couldn’t even believe it was happening. There was so much going on and it was one of the greatest, most spontaneous adventures I’ve ever had.

This was the first time we had ever hung out just us together and we went straight for the deep end, taking a little mini road trip together, we had 2 and half hours to kill talking and getting to know each other. The whole experience is painted in this phenomenal, hilarious feeling of ‘I can’t believe we just did that’ and is one of my favorite stories about being in Tri Delta and in my college experience so far.

I was so excited to get ready for this concert. I wore this dress with pineapples on it that I had gotten from Forever 21 because it was perfect with the “pineapples are in my head” lyric from Pork Soda and decided to do colorful, duotoned green/purple makeup and gold liner since Glass Animals is very jungle-vibes.

I was actually so stoked for the concert itself but also the entire time found myself in complete disbelief. I loved Glass Animals when they first put out Zaba, but didn’t really start getting into their second album until Tiff and I decided to go. I barely had enough time to get to listen to all of the second album but I really love it. It’s different enough from Zaba but also keeps some classic Glass Animals jungle-y vibes.

While I might not have known all the lyrics to the new songs at that point, I recognized every one and had so much fun dancing with Tiff and watching them perform. Glass Animals are amazing performers and they have such great energy. The light effects were also super cool. I’m so glad I got to see this concert and made such a crazy, impulsive last minute decision to go. And besides the concert itself, I was so glad I got to spend this time getting to know Tiff better. Her friendship and the context in which it started are the kind of experiences I am so grateful to Tri Delta for and affirm my pride in being in this sorority. I can’t wait for many more stories and memories like the ones I have of this concert.


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