The Wakeup and Makeup SS17

WELL, let me start off by saying it has been a WHILE since I have written and for that I apologize but I am back (sort of, I’m trying, fingers crossed).

Since the last makeup post I made did pretty well and I’ve really been getting into practicing different makeup looks (especially with the number of concerts I’ve been going to) I figured I’d do another one on a handful of my favorite looks from last spring-summer! Apologies, in advance for the snapchat quality of these photos and the fact that I can never smile while also taking a good picture of my makeup hahah.

Panic! at the Disco Concert – Glitter Liner+Smokey Eye


If there is one thing I know about Panic! at the Disco, it is that Brendon Urie is E X T R A, so I knew for this concert I wanted to try my hand at something dramatic. This was quite a while ago in perspective and my first try at anything vaguely smokey eye related (so it is faaaaar from perfect but I loved it nonetheless). I used ‘Magnet’ from the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette on the lid and crease and ‘Blackjack’ for the darker crease shade and finally the UD single shadow (but it’s also in Naked 2) in ‘Blackout’ for the outer corner and to smoke out my winged liner which I did using the Tarteist double take eyeliner (the liquid felt tip pen side). I did the glitter accent on the wing, tracing the same shape as the black using the Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner in the color ‘Glam Rock’ and then lined my lower lashes using the pencil side of the Tarteist eyeliner.

Glass Animals Concert – Jungle Tones


This look I did for Glass Animals might just be one of my favorites. It’s based very deeply in this tutorial by Urban Decay’s artist in residence Amanda Rodriguez. I loooove the looks she creates and this one seemed particularly fitting. I did mostly the same things as her just with some switched up colors because I don’t have the Nocturnal palette. Instead I used the Urban Decay Afterdark palette using the shade ‘Druggie’ a light purple for the crease/transition, and ‘Lounge’ (a duotone brick red and green) which is the same shade in the Nocturnal palette over the wing (using Perversion eye pencil as a base/primer like Amanda does) and over the entire lid. I lined my eyes using the UD Razor Sharp liquid eyeliner in ‘Perversion’ and used that to create the dot accents under my eyes, and added a gold accent using the same liner in the color ‘Goldrush.’ For lips I’m wearing the color ‘Lolita’ by Kat von D and using the same gold liquid liner to draw a faux labret (unfortunately my gold liner was somewhat dying at this time and in need of a replacement).

Bastille Concert – Steel Grey and Gradient Liner 


Am I the only one who gets that whole, steely/chrome/monochromatic cityscape VIBE from Bastille? Is it the album cover for their second album just hovering in my subconscious? Well, regardless, because of that I decided to go (as you could guess) with silver/gray tones for this look using the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette. Of the Naked palettes I think Smokey might just be may favorite. From the palette I used ‘Password’ (matte brown gray) for the transition color, a mix of ‘Slanted’ (dark metallic silver) and ‘Dagger’ (dark slightly metallic gray)  for the crease and outer corner and ‘Armor’ (bright gray with silver sparkles) for the lid. I then did a two-toned gradient winged liner using the UD Razor Sharp liquid liners in ‘Revolver’ (dark metallic gray) for the inner half and ‘Perversion’ (black) for the outer half/wing. On the lips I’m wearing Kat von D’s ‘Lolita’ with the same liner (‘Revolver’) for the faux labret.

Out and Proud Week – Bi-Pride


I never know what’s going on on campus but I found out half-way through the actual week that the LGBTQ center was celebrating Out and Proud week by tabling out on library walk, so I decided to roll with it and create a low-key pride look. This is such an easy and quick look that I will definitely be rocking again because it literally takes 10 minutes. All I did was place the shadows down on the lid and blended between the colors and up into the crease a little to avoid any harsh lines. Other than the blue (which is called ‘Metamorphosis’), I can’t off the top of my head remember the shade names for the colors I used but they’re the lightest of each respective color from the UD Spectrum palette. For my eyeliner I did more of a straight wing (rather than one that curves up, you can kind of see the difference between this look and the one after) using the Tarteist Double Take liquid eyeliner pen.

SPF 94.9 – Winged Liner and Classic Red Lip 


To kick off my summer (but actually to distract myself from finals because this was the weekend before my exams haha), my friend Suzy and I went to a mini radio music festival called SPF 94.9 by the Oceanside Pier. Since it was the beginning of June and looking to be a sunny day I wanted to do a look that was retro/classic inspired and simple. I did very natural, skin toned eyeshadow because I wanted most of the focus to be the winged liner (always, always with the winged liner). For the lips I went with my favorite deep red which is ‘Rocksteady’ by Urban Decay.

Twilight Concerts – Sunset Eyes

And last but not least, just because this might actually be one of my favorite makeup looks that I’ve ever somehow managed to pull off – sunset eyes feat. the Jaclyn Hill palette. I actually just followed this tutorial by James Charles because I loved how it looked so much. But of course I added a winged liner to it because I’m me haHAH.


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