Hello and welcome my blog! I’m KelleyAnn. I’m an undergrad student at UC San Diego, a coffee-powered Californian, art history major, post card collector, poet, water color painter, and lover of polaroid photography, vinyl records, tap dancing, jazz, and nice hands.

As I began my first year at UC San Diego I felt this urge to write. To share. These days its all about posting on social media, interacting and seeing each other 24/7. I let this project go for while but this is me trying to pick up again. I don’t know how busy university will keep me – but if last year was any indication – it will be hard. But here’s to trying. This is a documentation of new experiences in all fronts – crafts, friends, fashion, music, everything. Most of all, it’s about wanting to share my voice and my mind and my eyes. It’s about how we go about constructing memories that are supposed to last us our lives.

I’m taking a leap here and in the spirit of Marina Keegan’s the opposite of loneliness: I want just that in life. To be the opposite of lonely.